My House

In 2012 I bought my first home – Which finally meant that I could do whatever I wanted to the place!

Since then I’ve done a raft of things in home automation and random technological things to the house. I decided I’d start to track them

Things done so far:

  1. Solar Panels + Energy Monitoring
  2. All the network cables – 4 ports in every room
  3. A few varieties of smart electric devices (Wemo Light and Power Switches, Zigbee Power Switch, Zwave Light switches, Deta Smart Switches)
  4. Security cameras with Motion Detection and monitoring
  5. Magic Mirror in the LoungeRoom
  6. HomeLab in the garage (PFSense, Vmware,NBN!)
  7. Alexa as a Virtual Assistant (Echo Plus and Echo Dot)
  8. HomeAssistant attempting to manage everything
  9. Media Centre Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, LibreElec) + Remote speakers and sound
  10. PiAware – Tracking the local planes
  11. Robovac named Charlie
  12. Automated Watering System
  13. Ducted Air-conditioner Controller