Charlie – Xiaomi Roborock (Robovac)

I decided that for Chrismas 2018 I’d buy myself a robovac – just to see what they are like and if they provide much value.

I already lazy and have a house cleaner, but if the vac does a good job, I can probably get her to focus on different things.

On recommendation from people from work I got a sweet deal on the Xiaomi Roborock (Its the Gen 2 Cleaner) from Ebay with their black friday / Christmas sales.

It showed up today – It was a lot bigger then I was expecting – a bit bigger then a large pizza. It also has a name – CHARLIE – After candy mountain charlie.

Unpacking was easy enough, as was getting it to charge – Took me a while to get it set up in the App, but that was because the App kept bugging out and not actually having me logged in.

Anyway off it went – It was cool watching it detect the walls and objects it couldn’t hit – and identify the floor plan – Ive included the pics below.

Getting it into Home Assistant was another challenge all together, but I’ll just link to an existing online article for that that I used right here. Need to update the magic mirror display now to show the status of Charlie.

Havnt used the mop function yet – will update this article again when I’ve done that


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