Automated Watering System

The plan was to build an automated watering system that I can drive from Home Assistant – Ideally with some logic about when to run, and weather etc.

This page is currently a WIP as i work through things

Code is here:

High level parts list started out as

  1. RaspberrypPi – 3a
  2. FlowSensor – Seed Studio SS101990055
  3. Water Solenoid- ADA997
  4. 12V power Supply
  5. 4ch 5v Relay Board – CE05279
  6. Power Distribution Bus – ADA737

Parts i missed and had to go back for

  1. Terminal Strip – HM3194
  2. Logic Level board (3.3v to 5 v) – XC4486
  3. 12V switch – STO582

Initial test build looked like this:

Final solution

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